1. You will get the result and LOA(Letter of Acceptance) from CIP.If you didn’t receive the result and LOA, kindly send an Email to us :、or  03-4540-2115( you can call from Japan)
2. It is required to take the online test 5 days before you come to CIP. (For the students who are
already enrolled.) The advance online test enables you to take regular classes from Monday. (No need to take the test on Monday. You will save the time and money.) If you miss taking the online test, you will have a written test at CIP on Monday. In that case, regular classes will start from Tuesday.


Placement Test is the way to measure one’s English skills. This is how CIP arrange your class and suggest books. Any forms of preparation and checking of resources can cause your score to have a discrepancy to your real English level, making an inaccurate level that can cause waste of time including resources on your part.